Noblegroup Creative is an organization run by Cameron Noble.

Cameron Noble is based in San Francisco.

Cameron is a designer with twenty years of experience in film, television, web and print media creation.  He started his career working in the model shop for George Lucas at Industrial Light and Magic, Lucasfilms’ visual effects company.  From there he went on to work as a camera operator controlling motion control robotic camera systems and learned the craft of Live Action camera.  He shot commercials and music videos and earned a nomination for a MTV award, as well as Addie and Tele awards.  He has worked as a Visual Effects Supervisor, Director of Photography, Director and Producer on commercials and film productions.  From film he developed his skills for story boarding and has a well rounded experience with story structure and pre-production.  His interests in animation and design have led him on a varied career, and empowered him with a skill for condensing ideas and presenting them in a direct and clear manner.

For more information please send us an email using our online form, or send an e-mail directly to noblegroupcreative@gmail.com